Frequently asked questions

I play auxiliary instruments. Can they be a part of my application?

If a big part of what you do is auxiliary instruments (ex: bass clarinet, contrabassoon, bass flute, picollo, etc.), you can feel free to include works for these instruments as part of your application. The goal is to represent your artistry in the best possible way.

Can I apply both as an insrumentalist and as a composer?

Yes, you may apply in both categories, as an instrumentalist, and as a composer. However, you must fill out TWO SEPARATE applications. One as an instrumentalist, and one as a composer.

Is piano accompaniment required (for instrumentalists)?

Yes. If the works being presented call for piano accompaniment (i.e. Sonata, concerto, etc.), your video recording needs to have the piano accompaniment.

Can chamber music ensembles apply?

No. At this point, the competition is only open to the instruments specified on the website.

Do I have to play all the works consecutively in one unedited shot?

No. Each piece should be one consecutive shot, however, the pieces can be from different performances.

I have a professional, multi-camera recording of my performance with orchestra. Is that okay?

Yes, if you have a professional recording that uses multiple cameras from a concerto performance, that is acceptable.

It says we have to upload a link to sound cloud. Do you also accept YouTube links?

Yes, any streaming service would be acceptable.

What instrumentation should the submission for the COMPOSITION Prize be?

There are NO specification or limits on the works submitted for the COMPOSITION prize. They can be for a solo instrument, chamber music, orchestra, opera, etc. Its up to you what represents you best!

Do I need to compose NEW works to apply for the Composition prize?

No. You can apply with works that have already been written. You can also write new works if you wish. If selected as a winner, you will be asked to write a work for the Zodiac Trio (clarinet-violin-piano) or its members.

As a composition prize applicant, do I need a VIDEO of my works being performed?

No. This requrement is only for INSTRUMENTALISTS. Regular sound files of previous performances (or even midi) are fine for composer applicants.

Is there a minimum age for entry?

While there is no minimum age, pease be aware that there are not separate categories and all entries are judged against one another. While we do take age into some consideration, there is no "junior" division.

Does my entry work for the Composition Prize need to be for clarinet-violin-piano?

No. The two works required to apply for the composition prize can be for ANY instrumentation. If you are selected, you will be asked to write for the Zodiac Trio (clarinet-violin-piano) or its individual members.

May the submitted works (composition prize) have already been given awards and/or performed?

Yes. You can submit works that have been performed or given awards.

If I apply for both the instrumental and composition categories, do I have to pay the application fee twice?

Yes. Since two applications are requred, two application fees are required as well.

What is the instrumentation of the Zodiac Trio?

Clarinet-Violin-Piano. More information can be found on

Could I upload videos to Dropbox and provide links?

Yes. Please feel free to provide shareable links in the application.

Are there instrumentation or duration restriction on compositions submitted for the composition prize?

No. Feel free to submit works of any lenght or instrumentation.

What is the "period" of the composition

The application process is done online, so there is no "period" of when the competition is held. The final deadline to apply is February 15th.

Is there a specific period that we should choose repertoire from (i.e. classical, romantic, contemporary, etc?)

Not at all. You program for the audition is completely free. Please choose repertoire that you feel best represents you.